Be an Exhibitor with the Global Food Expo Summit, 2018

National and International Promotions: Vibrant Tamilnadu Food Expo 2018
February 28, 2019
Vibrant Tamilnadu Expo and Summit 2018
February 28, 2019

We all are waiting for the biggest food event of the year that is going to happen in Tamilnadu, India. The Vibrant Tamilnadu Global Food Expo & Summit is the next big thing on the board for the Indian farmers, food processors, traders, exporters, importers and consumers. From farm to fork, all the different key persons from the food industry are going to be a part of this event that is going to benefit the Indian Food Industry on the great scale.

Are you willing to be an exhibitor of the event?

There are different stalls for the exhibitors, who wish to trade their food items during the Global Expo Summit 2018. We are inviting different food exhibitors from various parts of the state to showcase their food items such as bakery, cashew and groundnuts, edible oil and seeds, grains and pulses, milk and milk products, mango pulp and juices, jaggery and palm products, industrial kitchen equipments, coconut and its products, millet and millet products, poultry and cattle feed, pickles, jams, marine foods, etc. The entire list of the food items is published on the website, where the exhibitors can check the availability of their food items by clicking on

The uniqueness of this Food Expo is that the organizers of the Expo are taking personal interest and engagement in the follow-up of the participants. They are providing complete support and guidance to the exhibitors for showcasing their food items to gain the maximum attention from the national as well as the international traders. The layout of the entire Expo is shown on the website along with the food stall designs. The exhibitor can select the kind of stall design and submit the organization and other mandatory details for booking the stall in the Vibrant Tamilnadu Global Expo Summit. Above all, the venue and other details of the Food Expo Event are published in detail on the website for giving complete information to the traders as well as the exhibitors.

For any food industry businessman, this is the right chance to showcase their products. The event is going to benefit with global exposure, which will provide great monetary benefits to the company in the future. For more details about the Food Expo Summit, you can visit