The boom of Indian Food Market: Food Expo in Tamilnadu

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February 28, 2019
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March 16, 2019

India is known for many things in the international market but it is most popular for ranking 2nd worldwide in terms of food production and farm output. It is the land of spices and food processing items that attracts most of the people from the food industry. Tamilnadu is the most popular states in India concerning the legacy of Indian food production. The land of Tamilnadu is famous for producing many food items such as banana, dairy items, poultry items, rice, coffee and tea. The Food Expo in Tamilnadu is the next big thing for India which is uncovering the benefits of trading in India on the grounds of rich and quality food items.

Vibrant Tamilnadu 2018: Unmasking the Indian Food & Agro

The Food industry is the booming industry for India. The Vibrant Tamilnadu Global Expo and Summit in Madurai is going to promote domestic and export business worldwide for bringing Indian food industry in the limelight. With the Food Expo in Tamilnadu, all the major food industry players such as farmers, traders, businessman, manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters will get a chance to enhance their business opportunities keeping in mind the booming food industry and its benefit to the world market.

The Vibrant Tamilnadu Global Expo and Summit in Madurai is going to focus on key points of food industry market such as the technological advancements, innovations and development in the recent food processing market, food industry challenges and opportunities, logistics, packaging, manufacturing, processing, cold storage, cold chain, warehousing, branding and quality maintenance. When all the players in the food industry will share a common platform, there are a lot of expectations and opportunities to come true for the Indian farmers and manufacturers.

About the Event:

The Vibrant Tamilnadu Global Expo Summit in Madurai starts from 12th August 2018 and will continue till 15th August 2018. In total, 15 centers of Tamilnadu state are going to be a part of the launch platform. If you wish to be a part of the Expo summit and want to get informed about the stall, exhibitors profile, organisers of the event, registration process, entry fees, etc then please log on to You can also write your queries at